What is your why?


This post begins with a view of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, because we spent a significant portion of our day there. Since our team was traveling from all over the country to make it to our trip in Arizona, we became incredibly familiar with this oddly designed locale as we waited for everyone to land. The boys took this long and challenging day to begin to bond with one another and catch up after a couple weeks away.  Time seemed to pass relatively quickly, and we were on our way to Casa Grande around 3:00PM.

It was a gorgeous day here in Arizona, and the complex looked exactly the same as when we were last here.


We were given a quick tour as a team and then guys were able to finally unpack their gear and feel some sense of relief that the long day of travel was over. No one was fully at ease though, as the boys had their final physical fitness test to complete this evening, the timed run. While there seemed to be a great deal of anxiety at the outset, the boys performed very well across the board. We spent the rest of the evening practice shaking out travel legs and dialing in sticks, so that we could jump right into this short though intensive week.

Night 1

The evening ended with a final team meeting around 9:00PM where the guys were asked one short though loaded question:

What is your why?

These four short words seem simple enough, but together they create an incredibly loaded and personal question. Each person in the room was required to reflect on this question at the time and for the remainder of the evening. Coming to Arizona was a conscious choice for each and every guy who is here, including coaches, and each person has their own (or should) reason for taking the time to be here. We found it to be incredibly important to privately reminds ourselves of our reasons at the outset of the week to really begin to put the season in the correct perspective. The right outlook will be important when the alarm rings at 5:50AM tomorrow morning!


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