A Brief Respite from the Grind

6AM did not seem so bad this morning coming off a strong performance from the night before and the knowledge that there would only be one practice today. The boys took the stretching and breathing routines seriously and were able to welcome the sun yet another morning here in Arizona. Following the session, the boys all headed over to the dining hall for breakfast, and this time everyone made sure to keep their cellphones out of sight!



Following a brief classroom session at 8:30 to go over practice on the board, the team was out on the field for some fast-paced individual position work to help clean up some of the finer points of our game. After getting up and down the field, we slowed the tempo to very deliberately take a closer look at our settled offense and defense. With may new players this year to Berkshire, we felt it was important to take an extended period and really make sure players were picking up the concepts.


The boys were not quite sure where they were being taking for our off-site activity in the afternoon, and there were many murmurs that they might be taken for an extreme desert run with Coach Perkins. Luckily their fears were unnecessary when they found out that we would be headed 50 minutes north to Mesa, Arizona for laser tag. Mesa is home to Stratum Laser Tag which boasts the largest laser arena in the United States at just over 13,000 sq. ft.. Fortunately for us, Stratum has a developed team building program where our boys were broken down into teams that would then work together to solve various missions and accomplish objectives (see picture below for  team strategy meeting between games). Needless to say the boys had an absolute blast, and of course, winners were crowned at the end.




50 minutes is not a short time to spend on a bus, so our captains decided that we should have an impromptu karaoke session using the microphones on the bus on the way home. We are not certain that our bus driver will ever be the same, but there was tremendous enthusiasm by our guys and some very “talented” acts. Time flew and we were back in Casa Grande in no time to get ready fora scrimmage against Holderness.


Due to the nature of the Desert Vista game on Tuesday night, we were not able to play as many players as we would have liked. The goal for the Holderness game was to give all of those players who did not play Tuesday a chance to make a significant impact. While our execution was not always sharp and there were moments of disorganization, the team worked very hard and there were some strong moment at both ends of the field.


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