Finishing the Right Way

While the sun may not have been up yet here at 6AM, the boys were all waiting early to begin our final day. The focus for our morning workout was stretching and flexibility work to make certain that there were no pulls or strains on this last day of training.

We kept the morning classroom session short and were out on the field by 8:45AM. The plan for the morning was to firmly get a handle on our multiple rides and clears as well as our substitution game, because we seemed to have had a difficult time being in the right places on Wednesday night. Therefore there was quite a bit of up-and-down, and unfortunately the steady breeze that had been with us all week long was nowhere to be found. The guys persevered and we accomplished quite a bit in the two hours, including receiving a succinct talk about settled defense from Trilogy’s Ryan Boyle.

The afternoon practice was kept short due to heat and fatigue (both mental and physical), and the boys focussed their attention on special teams scenarios and various settled 6v6 scenarios. While it was clear all were exhausted, there was still quite a bit of energy around ending the night on a strong note against Brophy Prep who is one of the strongest teams out here.

It seemed like the boys were in for a good night when the coaches arrived for a pregame meeting and everyone was settled into his seat early. The seniors really took charge, and after a few coaching remarks, they brought the team together to talk about the importance of ending the right way to set the tone for next week.



The hard work taking place all week paid dividends tonight. Of particular note was the improvement that was shown in the areas of focus during the day today. The boys put together their most complete game, and every member of the team played significant minutes in the scrimmage.

Overall it was another truly great week in Arizona. We will all head our separate ways tomorrow to then reconvene next Tuesday as we prepare for our first league game against Northfield Mount Hermon on April 2nd.




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